window tint

We tint a wide range of vehicles, residential and commercial windows. Call us today for a quote! We use only top quality product from Global Window Films installed by certified trained professionals.


Price range: approx. $40 – $450

Why tint your car?

Tinting improves the look of your car by blocking light, heat and provides UV protection.


Does your office or bedroom window face the sun? Residential & office window tinting protects interiors from fading and inhabitants from UV rays. Also, it can reduce the glare that makes watching TV or working on the computer difficult during certain times of the day.


  • • DO NOT roll down your windows for 7 days after having your tint installed. (This ensures the product's adhesive has plenty of time to get a tight bond.)
  • • Never wash the inside of your windows with Windex or anything with ammonia. Use soapy water & a micro fibre cloth to clean inside of the windows.
  • • After installation, it takes about a month for the tint to fully cure. Our team uses a liquid solution, so it may appear streaky/hazy and you may notice water pooling. Don’t panic, it’s part of the process! One month after installation, if you notice any problems at all, please bring in your vehicle for us to take a look at – it is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle, and we will make it right.
  • • Be careful not to hit or scrape the inside of the glass, as the film can scratch. (Take caution if you have young children or pets).

  • • Our warranty covers product manufacturer & installation defects.
  • • Our automotive tint is GUARANTEED as long as your own the vehicle. Warranty is non-transferable.
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Vinyl Etch

Price range: approx. $50 – $500

Vinyl Etch is used to create the image of frosted decorations on glass – without the use of etching chemicals, or sand blasting. Since it’s vinyl, there is no commitment since it can eventually be removed. We have a wide variety of etch patterns and textures available and we can install it for you at your house or place of business.

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