Pinstripes, graphics and truck accessories will set you apart from the rest. Whether for personal style or to advertise your business in an effective way, we can help.

We have experience designing and installing a wide range of graphics. A very popular choice to spice up your car or truck is racing stripes. High visibility reflective striping, crests and wraps for safety & fire rescue vehicles are also popular. We have a wide range of vinyl colors to choose from to suit your style. A lot of people choose to design their own custom graphics to assist them in easily finding their vehicle in parking lots! We have even done decals on motorbikes and boats!


Price range: approx. $50 – $1000 (depends on designs and material usage)

Choose a design from one of our catalogs, or tell us your idea and we can custom design a graphic that is perfect for you! Graphics and pinstripes are a great alternative to paint because it is more affordable, and can be removed in the future.

** We always strive to provide our customers with the best quality possible, that’s why
we offer the option of laminate for our printed graphics – to extend the life and protect the ink from UV fading.**

** After your vehicle decals are installed, please wait 1 week before washing your vehicle to ensure a good bond. We highly recommend hand washing your vehicle, but if you do use a pressure washer, keep back at least 1½ feet and keep the stream of water at a 90° angle to the graphics. Don’t forget to take extra caution when pressure washing your vehicle with decals on it. **


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